-Silvia Paldino-

Silvia Paldino is a member of Evolutionary Systems Group (ESG)

Research interests
  • Smart city and smart mobility
  • Tourist flows
  • City attractiveness
  • Urban Planning and Urban Design
  • Mobility networks
  • Transportation Systems

Education and Academic
  • Visiting PhD student at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, M.I.T.-Massachussetts Institute of Technology (2013-now)
  • PhD student in Science and Technology of Complex Systems at University of Calabria (2013-now)
  • Complexity Explorer – Introduction to Complexity of Santa Fe Institute, online course (May 2013)
  • Master Degree in Civil Engineering – Transportation and Town-and-Country Planning at University of Calabria (2012)
  • Data collector of public transportation in Calabria, Regione Calabria & University of Calabria (DEIS) project (May 2012)
  • Visiting research student with the program Erasmus Placement at CENIT (Centre D'Innovacio del Transport), Department of Transport and Regional Planning, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (2011)
  • Founder member and interior designer of property management society “Immobil Silgi srl” (2011)
  • First level Degree in Civil Engineering, University of Calabria (2009)
Workshops and Congresses
  • Speaker in seminar “La teoria dei giochi e i trasporti: Un modello matematico per l’ottimizzazione delle performance nelle concessioni stradali, ferroviarie, portuali e aeroportuali” at University of Calabria (21 May, 2013)
  • NetSci 2013 | International School and Conference on Network Science, Copenaghen, DK (3-7 June, 2013)
  • MIT Research and Development Conference, Cambridge, MA (13-14 November, 2013)
  • Engaging Data 2013 | Big Data or Bad Data, Senseable City Lab (MIT), Cambridge, MA (15 November, 2013)
Some Recent Publications