Francesco Chiaravalloti is a member of Evolutionary Systems Group (ESG)

Research interests
  • Chaotic Systems and Complexity
  • Synchronization of chaotic systems
  • Image Analysis
  • Meteorological Convective Extreme Events
  • GPS monitoring

Education and Academic
  • Physics Degree with Honors, University of Calabria (Italy).  
Workshops and Congresses
  • “GAMIT/GLOBK Training Corse” at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Germany (2-4 march 2009. 
  • “Training Workshop on Interpretation of Satellite Images/Products of Convective Storms”, OSMER-ARPA FVG-EUMETSAT at ICTP- International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy (5-7 september 2007).  
  • 4th European Conference on Severe Storms (ECSS 2007); Trieste, Italy (10-14 september 2007).  
  • XXIV IUGG - International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics on “Earth: our changing planet”; Perugia, Italy (2-13 july 2007).  
  • “Atmospheric Convection: Research and Operational Forecasting Aspects”, CISM-International Centre for Mechanical Sciences; Udine, Italy (18-22 july 2005).  
  • 1st Workshop Italy-Russia on "Membrane Technology for a Sustainable Industrial Production"; Cetraro, Italy (17-20 september 2003).  
  • IV International Conference “CHEMISTRY OF HIGH ORGANIZED COMPOUNDS AND SCIENTIFIC BASICS OF NANOTECHNOLOGY”; S. Pietroburgo, Russia (28 Giune-2 July 2003).  

Some Recent Publications
  • Gabriele S., Chiaravalloti F.; “Searching regional rainfall homogeneity using atmospheric fields” –submitted–  
  • Miriello D., Bloise A., De Francesco A.M., Crisci G.M., Chiaravalloti F., Barca D., La Russa M.F., Marasco E.; 2010. “Color and composition of brown nodules from the Calabrian clay deposits: a probable raw material for pigments production in Magna Graecia”. Periodico di Mineralogia, Special Issue, 59-69.  
  • Chiaravalloti F. and Gabriele S.; 2009. “The Vibo Valentia flood and MSG rainfall evaluation”. Atmospheric Research, 93, 286-294.  
  • Gallucci F., Chiaravalloti F., Tosti S., Drioli E. and Basile A.; 2007. “The effect of mixture gas on the hydrogen permeation through a palladium membrane: Experimental study and theoretical approach”. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 32(12), 1837-1845.  
  • Tosti S., Basile A., Pettinali L., Borgognoni F., Chiaravalloti F. and Gallucci F.; 2006. “Long term tests of Pd-Ag thin wall permeator tube”. Journal of Membrane Science, 284(1-2), 393-397.  
  • Chiaravalloti F., Milovanov A.V. and Zimbardo G.; 2006. “Self-similar transport processes in a two-dimensional realization of multiscale magnetic field turbulence”. Physica Scripta T122, 79-88.  
  • Gabriele S., Chiaravalloti F. and Cotecchia V.; 2006. “L’Evento pluviometrico del 22 ottobre 2005 in Puglia. Una ricostruzione Sperimentale mediante Meteosat-8 e modello afflussi-deflussi a parametri distribuiti”. L’acqua - rivista dell’associazione idrotecnica italiana, 5, 37-48.  
  • Gabriele S., Chiaravalloti F.; 2011. "The Use of Meteorological Information in Regional Rainfall Frequency Analysis"; 2001. International Symposium - Water Engineering and Management in a Changing Environment; Catania, 2011  
  • Gabriele S., Chiaravalloti F.; 2009. “Meteorological based analysis of Italian hydrological extreme-events: 1958-2008”. 11th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms, Barcelona (Spain), 7-11 settembre 2009 – Plinius Conference Abstracts Vol. 11 (http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/Plinius11/Plinius11-10.pdf).  
  • Gabriele S., D'Aquila G. and Chiaravalloti F.; 2009."A distributed real-time monitoring system for landslide hazard and risk assessement", in proceeding of: NATO - ADVANCED RESEARCH WORKSHOP, Trento (Italia), 13-17 ottobre 2008 (published in “GeoSpatial Visual Analytics-Geographical Information Processing and Visual Analytics for Environmental Security”, edited by R. De Amicis, R. Stojanovic and G. Conti; Springer, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security, 2009, pp. 387-394, doi: 10.1007/978-90-481-2899-0_31; http://www.springerlink.com/content/g4h3j50005317356/).  Gabriele S., Chiaravalloti F., D’Aquila G. and Tansi C.; 2009. “Distributed Real-Time Monitoring System to Natural Hazard Evaluation and Management: the AMAMiR System”. Proc. of the 18th World IMACS Congress and MODSIM09 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Cairns (Australia), pp. 2672-2678. ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-9758400-7-8 (http://www.mssanz.org.au/modsim09/G3/gabriele.pdf).  
  • Fedele G., Chiaravalloti F. and Join C.; 2009. “An Algebric Derivative-Based Approach for the Zero-Crossing Estimation". Proc. of the 17h EUSIPCO-European Signal Processing Conference, Glasgow (Scotland), pp. 2455-2459 (http://hal.inria.fr/docs/00/38/98/72/PDF/518236434.pdf).  
  • Tosti S., Basile A., Bettinali L. and Chiaravalloti F.; 2005. “Study and characterization of Pd-based permeators used in membrane reformers”. Proc. of the Int. Hydrogen Energy Congress and Exhibition (IHEC 2005), Istanbul (Turchia), 13-15 luglio 2005  
  • F. Gallucci , A. Basile, L. Paturzo, A. Iulianelli, F. Chiaravalloti, “A Pd/Ag Tubular Membrane Reactor for Methane Dry Reforming: a reactive method for CO2 consumption”, Proc. of the ICCMR7 Book of Abstracts, pp. 192-196, Sept. 11-14, 2005, Cetraro (CS, Italy).  
  • G. De Luca, F. Chiaravalloti, A. Basile, S. Tosti, “Density Function Calculations: a reliable tool to select metallic alloys for hydrogen separation”, Proc. of the ICCMR7, Cetraro (CS, Italia), 11-14 settembre 2005, Book of Abstracts, p. 283  
  • Gallucci F., Paturzo L., Chiaravalloti F., De Luca G. and Drioli D.; “The Influence of the Chemical Nature of The Hydrogen Permeation Through a Dense Palladium Membrane Reactor: Quantum Mechanical Interpretation"; 2004. Proc. of the 6th Int. Conf. On Catalysis in Membrane Reactors (ICCMR6), Lahnstein (Germany), 6-9 luglio 2004, Book of Abstracts: Poster Communication, p. 129.  
  • Gabriele, S., Brocca, L., Chiaravallotti, F., Melone, F. (2006). Stima di precipitazioni convettive mediante dati satellitari: evento alluvionale del 15/11/2005 sul bacino del fiume Marta. Atti del XXX Convegno di Idraulica e Costruzioni Idrauliche - IDRA 2006, Roma, 10-15 Settembre 2006, CD-ROM, pp. 17, ISBN: 88-87242-81-X; ISBN: 978-88-87242-81-2.  
  • F. Gallucci , F. Chiaravalloti, G. De Luca, "The influence of the chemical nature of the sweep gas on hydrogen permeation trough a dense palladium membrane reactor: quantim mechanical interpretation", Abstracts of the Nuove Frontiere di Applicazione delle Metodologie dell'Ingegneria Chimica- Convegno GRICU - Porto d'Ischia (NA) 12-15 Settembre 2004, Pagg. 1265-1267.  
  • Tosti S., Chiaravalloti F., Basile A., Pettinali L. and Lecci D.; “Characterization of membranes for hydrogen separation”. ENEA Report FUS TN BB-R 012, April 2005.  
  • Gabriele S, Chiaravalloti F. Applicazioni Meteoclimatiche nella Regionalizzazione delle Precipitazioni. ISBN: 978-88-95172-06-4 (in press)  
  • Gabriele S., Chiaravalloti F., Cosentini F., Musso G., Muto A., Oliveto F.A.; 2010. “Il GPS nel monitoraggio del dissesto idrogelogico”; (volume realizzato nell’ambito del Progetto di Sviluppo Aziendale PREVEDO - P.I.A. SMART; finanziamento FESR-POR Calabria 2007-2013), Maggio 2010.  
  • Chiaravalloti F. and Gabriele S.; "INFORMAZIONE METEOROLOGICA E IMAGING SATELLITARE NELLO STUDIO DI EVENTI IDEOLOGICI ESTREMI". In: Risultati del Progetto Interreg IIIN Archimed 2000-2006 RISKMED-"Weather Risk Reduction in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean”, edito dal Centro Funzionale Multirischio della Regione Calabria, 2008, pp. 21-32.  
  • Miriello D. , Chiaravalloti F. , Bloise A. , Pingitore V. , Barca D. , Crisci G. M. , Oliva A.; 2009. "Characterization of magnetic microspherules: preliminary results". Contributo a Geoitalia 2009, Rimini, 9-11 Settembre 2009.  
  • Gabriele S., D'Aquila G. and Chiaravalloti F.; 2008. "Monitoraggio Integrato di Versanti in Frana". 84° Congresso Nazionale della Società Geologica Italiana, Sassari, 15-17 Settembre 2008.