-Giuseppe LARIA-

Antonella Arcella is a member of Evolutionary Systems Group (ESG)

Research interests
  • Computer Graphics
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Virtual Reality
  • Real Time 3D Simulations

Education and Academic
  • Master's Degree in DAMS (Disciplines of Arts, Musis and Entertainment) at University of Calabria (Italy)
  • Ph.D. Student in "Psicology of Programming and Artificial Intelligence" at University of Calabria (Italy)
Workshops and Congresses
  • Intercultural Exchange, project EU SCIENAR, Unical, May 2010
Some Recent Publications
  • Bertacchini F. , Bilotta E. , Bossio E. L. , Laria G. , Pantano P. S. , Vena S. , " A 3D animated movie for science learning: The Genesis of Chua's Circuit". American journal of physics : a journal devoted to the instructional and cultural aspects of physical science, 2012.
  • Bertacchini F. , Bilotta E. , Laria G. , Pantano P. S. , Chaos, CNN, Memristors and Beyond. -- Adamatzky A., Chen W. (a cura di), " The genesis of Chua's circuit: Connecting Science, Art and Creativity (with a 3D movie).", Singapore: World scientific. 2012.
  • Bilotta E. , Bertacchini F. , Laria G. , Pantano P. S. , Tavernise A. , " Virtual Humans in Education: some implementations from research studies". Atti del convegno "EduLearn2011 Conference - IATED", Barcellona, Spagna, 2011, 2011.
  • Rinaudo D. , Laria G. , " ART AND MATHEMATICS, ABSTRACTION FROM OBJECTS: GEOMETRIC MAN IN 3D SPACE IN SEARCH OF THE FOURTH SPATIAL DIMENSION". Atti del convegno "Aplimat 2011", Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, 1-4 Febbraio, 2011, M. Kovacova Ed.:Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, 2011, Vol. 4, pp. 1095-1102.
  • Laria G. , Pantano E. , " Immersive environments for an advanced technology-based store". Atti del convegno "7th International Conference on Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management", Gyeongju, Korea, 2011, IEEE:2011, pp. 218-221.