March, 2011:
Course by the High School "Pitagora" in Rende (Cosenza, Italy).
September, 2011:

Starting of the collaboration with the High School "A. Volta" in Trieste (Italy).
October, 2011:

Starting of the laboratories by the High School "Pitagora" in Rende (Cosenza, Italy).



- Chua's circuit
- ITIS "Volta"
- Liceo "Pitagora"
- Leonardo project


Initiatives for the divulgation of scientific culture. Annual project financed by MIUR – Ministry of Education, University and Research; University, High Artistic/Music/Dancing Education, and Research Department – in the field of the announcement ex art.4 Law 6/2000.


This multidisciplinary project on the theory of Chaos and Complexity aims at approaching young generation to the knowledge of difficult scientific topics.